NRA Exposed: Two top NRA allies lead NRA-Russian investigation

Political Money

Two Senate committees are investigating Russian attempts to influence U.S. politics by using the NRA as a conduit. Unfortunately, the eventual conclusions of these committees will be tainted. Obviously, an investigation into NRA behavior should not be lead by those who regularly receive huge NRA dollars. Surely, impartiality requires the Senators recuse themselves.

The Senators, Charles Grassley leads the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Richard Burr leads the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

From Mother Jones

The NRA is so enmeshed in GOP politics that, in theory, any investigation led by a Republican legislator could be vulnerable to allegations of conflict of interest. But Burr is particularly tight with the NRA, which has spent more than $7 million in support of his campaigns over the years, putting him among the top recipients of NRA largesse in Congress.