NRA Exposed: NRA case taken up by the Supreme Court

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The NRA, facing uphill battles in State Houses for what they deem are their gun rights, took New York City to court over restrictions on transporting guns. To explain, a license to have a gun in the home in NYC allows it to only be in the home and at a firing range. Hence, less guns are on the streets. Even though the NRA lost their court case in lower courts, the now conservative majority Supreme Court agreed to hear the case next year.

Certainly, the Supreme Court is hearing the case because of votes by the new appointments of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, both Trump appointees chosen with NRA advice.

From Reuter:

The decision indicates a new interest on the court, where conservatives hold a 5-4 margin, on guns and is the first major gun case to come before the justices since 2010.