New Jersey Alert: Smart gun bill on Governor’s desk

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To most people, it makes sense, for safety reasons, to restrict gun firing to its owner. The NRA routinely fights technology research intended towards this end. Eager to advance sales of smart guns in New Jersey, lawmakers passed a law in 2014 requiring only smart guns be sold as soon as they were certified to work.

Unfortunately, the backlash of forcing this change stifled research. So on Thursday (06/20), a new bill passed the legislature to require gun stores offer smart guns as soon as they are viable. The bill now sits on Governor Phil Murphy’s desk.

NRA members will be calling the Governor. This is your chance to overcome NRA opposition by requesting the Governor sign this bill.

The Bill

👍 A.1016/S.101 would require gun stores to offer smart guns that would restrict their use to the gun owner. The requirement would start once smart guns are certified as viable.

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A quick phone call is very effective. Please make a quick call to Governor Murphy’s office. Urge him to sign S.1016/S.101, the smart gun bill.