Iowa: Allowing guns in schools bill before committee

The NRA’s push this time is towards eliminating the “gun-free-zones” of school grounds. As a stepping stone, their concern if for the inconvenience of anyone with guns having to unload and lock them when picking up a child at school. Where is their concern for loaded guns lying around in the car when possibly multiple children are picked up?

Even though the bill is awaiting committee assignment, the NRA asked members to call their State Representative. We request concerned citizens do the same and oppose this bill.

The Bill

👎House File 259 would allow anyone with a permit to carry guns to bring them to a school ground. Also, teachers could not be prevented from keep their guns locked in thier car.


Please make a “quick call” to the office of your State Representative. Ask that they oppose HF 259 to keep loaded guns away from school children.

  • Enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters to find your representatives and senators.
  • Leverage the impact – forward this on to another gun sense advocate.