Delaware: The full House passed the safe storage bill and sent it on to the Senate

Leaving loaded guns around children is apparently OK with the NRA because they oppose a safe storage bill. The NRA says, “Criminals love this bill as it tips the scales in their favor in self-defense situations.” The NRA fails to mention that criminals love to break into houses with unlocked guns so they can steal them.

Yesterday (3/27), the Delaware House passed this bill and sent it on to the Senate.

The Bill

👍House Bill 63 would require that all guns be locked up if accessible by a minor or a prohibited person.
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Please join others in making a quick call to the office of your State Senator. Ask he or she to support HB 63 to keep guns away from children.

  • To find your representatives and senators, enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters.
  • From the Indivisible Guide 2.0: Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs [legislators] with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.
  • To leverage the impact – forward this on to another concerned citizen.