Arkansas 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

Protest guns sign

The Arkansas legislative ended their yearly session on Wednesday (4/24). Gun violence prevention groups managed to defeat four dangerous NRA bills. Although no gun safety bills passed, defeating these NRA bills is a big victory for concerned citizens in Arkansas.

The Bills

NRA Bills That Failed

👎 HB 1059/SB 484 was a “Stand Your Ground” bill.

👎 HB 1694/SB 614 would have forced all public facilities to allow loaded guns on their premises. This included sports events and schools.

👎 HB SB 660 would have allowed students with enhanced carry permits to keep loaded guns in their dorm rooms.

👎 SB 400 would have altered the current law allowing silencers in Arkansas to better meet the NRA’s liking. This bill passed the legislature, but the Governor did not sign it.

NRA Bills That Passed

👎 House Bill 1036 and companion Senate Bill 17 will decrease the fee for a concealed weapons license from $100 to $50 dollars.

Gun Sense Bills That Failed

👍 Senate Bill 621 is a “red flag” bill that would have allowed family members and authorities to request that guns be removed from a dangerous person.

👍 HB 1655 would prohibit anyone convicted of domestic violence from possessing a gun.

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