Arkansas: Fee reduction and increase gun proliferation bill moves to the Governor

Gun violence is expensive. In spite of that, gun nuts in Arkansas, fueled by the NRA, want to reduce concealed weapon license fees. The decrease in fees will certainly increase gun proliferation, the real objective of the NRA. The reduction in fees will cost Arkansas $1.4 million a year in lost fees. Also, but not a concern of gun groups, the loss of fees will raise the cost of gun shootings to Arkansas.

On Monday, the full House of Representatives voted in favor of the bill. It now moves on to the Governor for final signature.

The Bill

👎House Bill 1036 and companion Senate Bill 17 would decrease the fee for a concealed weapons license from $100 to $50 dollars.


Make a quick call to the office of Governor Asa Hutchinson. Register your opposition to HB 1036 because reducing license fees will expand the gun proliferation.

  • Enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters to find your representatives and senators.
  • Leverage the impact – forward this on to another gun sense advocate.