About Stop Gun Madness

The Problem

The US is awash in gun violence, yet good gun safety bills rarely pass. Why? Because the politically asute NRA barrages legislators with phone calls and email. They frighten law makers into believing they’ll lose the next election if they vote for gun-safety laws.

What We Do

We follow the NRA. They marshal support from their gun nut members and galvanize them to contact their legislators.  Using this NRA advantage, we watch for their alerts. Then we alert our subscribers to contact their legislators and advocate in opposition to the NRA. Email signup is here.

My Story

Donald Trump’s election propelled me into action. But what could I do? So, I picked an issue. It was to stop gun madness by fighting for better gun laws and fight the power of National Rifle Association.

I figured, most of the NRA power derives from the advocacy by their members. When told to, members contact their representatives about pending legislation. Why don’t I use this data and notify gun sensible people, but ask them to advocate in opposition to the NRA, thereby supporting gun sensible legislation.



Last year, new gun regulation laws outpaced the new NRA laws by 45-13. That victory encourages all of us to do so much more this year.

Get Started

As we said, it’s pretty simple. But obviously, it only happens if we all heed the call. To sign up for our alerts, click here. And please, share our alerts with other folks. Then check back periodically to see how we’re winning.


A volunteer organization with no outside funding.

Contact information

Emails welcome at ted@stopgunmadness.org