About stop gun madness

Advocating for gun control bills

I alert gun control voters of recent and upcoming important legislative votes on gun bills. I check the NRA website and other sources for advocacy alerts. Then I alert you to call your own state legislators. Togther we can improve gun safety. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Sign up to get alerts for your state.
  2. Receive timely alerts for pending gun bill votes in your state.
  3. Call or email your legislators urging them to vote for gun violence prevention.
  4. Feel you’ve helped build a safer community.

Using the NRA as a resource

I use the NRA website as my most dependable resource. Why wouldn’t I? Their have vast resources from gun manufacturers and gun sellers. I suspect they have a legal team in each state that has their thumb on the status of all active gun legislation for their state.

Those advocating for gun reform want their advocacy to be effective. They want it to be timely and acurate. But they are not going to check out the NRA website everyday. That’s were I come in.

I take the NRA legislative alerts sent to their members and reverse the way they want legislators to vote. If they want legislators to vote “no” on universal backgroud checks, my alerts say for legislators to vote “yes” on the bill.

I also subscribe to gun violence prevention groups in nearly every state. When they send a notice of a legislative action, I forward it on.

We’re beating the NRA by passing more laws

Last year, new gun regulation laws outpaced the new NRA laws by 45-13. That victory encourages all of us to do so much more this year.

Check back periodically to see if we winning this year?

No money is asked

I do this project so we can enjoy America without the threat of constant gun violence. I don’t do it to enrich myself. So I don’t ask for money.

Contact information

If you like what I do or have other comments, please email me at ted@stopgunmadness.org. Unless you are a crazy gun nut, I’ll answer your email.